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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
8:07 pm - Poor Derek... it was his cousin
This is a story that I just found on the front page of the news paper... not knowing that it was Derek's cousin... I cant believe that... it really put things in prospective for me... I mean good god... if someone ever killed Kari.. I would die... let alone anyone else in my family... he (derek) told me he didnt even cry... I really hope I can hang out with him tomorrow because he really sounded like he needed someone to talk to hand hang out with... I really hope he will be ok....

Man kills ex-wife's new spouse, himself

Sunday, July 13, 2003
By KELLY ADAMS and GREGG SHERRARD BLESCH, Columbian staff writers

Joseph Hatley's day-old marriage ended Saturday morning when his new wife's ex-husband shot and killed him and then committed suicide in front of the newlyweds' home as police held him at gunpoint.

Officers arrived at the home of Hatley and Michelle Cotton, who married Friday, to find her running from the home holding her 4-year-old son followed by Robert Cotton armed with a gun.

Cotton tackled his ex-wife, but she broke free while officers ordered him to release her, police said.

After ignoring repeated commands to drop his weapon, Cotton pointed the pistol under his chin and fired, police said.

Officers later discovered Hatley's body inside the home.

"He just graduated from high school, it seems like," said Barbara Hatley of Camas, Joseph Hatley's stepgrandmother.

Hatley, 18, graduated early, at age 16, she said. "He's a kid and so very gorgeous."

Hatley and Michelle Cotton, who is believed to be 32, moved into the house at 13013 S.E. Rivercrest Drive about a week ago, said Officer Patrick Kennedy.

Bethany Norberg, who lives next door, said her husband and son had chatted with Michelle Cotton and reported she was very friendly.

"I thought, 'Well good, we got a nice neighbor,'" Norberg said.

Shortly before 7 a.m. Saturday, some neighbors heard what they thought were fireworks or noise from a nearby construction project, but Norberg said she knew otherwise.

"When I heard this, I knew it was a gun," she said.

The house was recently listed for sale at more than $400,000. The lawn was well-manicured with a stone statue of an angel standing guard at the door.

"This street doesn't generate a lot of calls for us and certainly not a call like this," said Kennedy.

Police had little information Saturday about the victims and gunman.

Michelle Cotton married Robert Cotton, who is believed to be 39 to 42 years old, in 1996. They filed for divorce in March.

In 1998, The Columbian featured the couple and two of their sons in a story about a national TV-Turnoff Week. The story quoted the couple as saying they didn't think TV hurt their children, but Robert Cotton didn't like the violent nature of many shows. However, he thought that some programs such as "Cops" prepared children for the unpleasant realities of life.


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Saturday, July 12th, 2003
7:47 pm - long time no see!
So I desided that it was ok to come back to livejournal... but at the same time I am scared to.. I have nothing to hide but maybe it is just my parents looking at me like they hate me lately... I dont know... I can tell my dad is all pissed off at me... and I know that he wants to tell me whats up.. but he isnt going to... and its driving me insane... I really wish I knew what to do... but ohwell... I guess I can just not think about it... this is the first time in my life where I didnt have to not tell my parents something EVER... before it was the thing about me smoking... and now that I quit... there is nothing to hide at all... and I wish they would trust me... good god... I know how to take care of myself.. I may have made some stupid choices in my life... but who hasnt right? everyone makes mistakes... but how do you get yourself out of a hole like that/... I dont know how... if someone does would they please tell me... because I would like to know how to make my dad look at me like I was his daughter again... I feel so ashamed when Im around him and I have no reason to because Im not hiding anything and I know Im not... so what the fuck... but ohwell... theres nothing I can do but try to prove myself I guess...but where do you start with that? I dont know what to do about that either... fuckin shit... first school, then my parents... the cycle of shit just doenst end... I want to go back to when I was like 7 years old.. the only stress I had was my mother... and ok no then I want to go back to when I was 11 because thats when she left... but atleast my dad trusted me... and I wouldnt ahev started smoking when we moved to Fresno... and then I wouldnt have ever had to hide anything from them... but I dont know what to do at all.. I am so lost right now... and I dont even have anyone to talk to atall... so I will write it down... Ive never had anyone to talk to since I moved here... thats why I want to go back so bad... but then Rita makes it sound like I suck for wanting to go back to Fresno.. Im sorry I like it there and thats where I want to be... near my family... yes I have family here but I would rather have alot then 2 people... I love Rita and my dad to death but good god... I need to be able to see my niece and my sisters and my grandparents before there gone... and I want to be near my friends and my everything... I dont know.. Ive never felt "at home" here in washington.. yes if I move to fresno.. Ill come back and visit... I dont hate the people up here or anything I jsut want to be back in Fresno.. I jsut feel right there... I dont know what it is... and not only that... when Rita and my dad go to visit rita's family or daddys family... then Ill be right there with em... and thats good... and I want to be there... and I dont want to have people say things to me that make me feel shitty for wanting to be near my whole family instead of just 2 people... I dont watn to go back to stockton as in live there because it IS a hellhole.. and I know that... its not like I want to move to stockton.. so dont act like ti.. I want to be in Fresno... I love it there... adn thats final... I dont know what to say to them to make it better... and I dont know what to say to them period... so I just will keep my distance... thats all I know how to do because that has worked my entire life.. keeping away from people who are mad at me... it may be hiding but the thing is, is it works... and so thats what I do.. things that work... and as I sit here and I get tears in my eyes... I start thinking of lyrics... so I will write them down, never be able to put them into a song because I fail at shit like that... jsut like everything else.. god damnit... I fuckin hate this shit but I have to go


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Friday, April 25th, 2003
4:17 pm - "the movie dune is in my chocolatie drink... I dont like it when the movie dune is in my drink"
so my life isnt very eventfull lately... hence the non updating... I wanted to go to friday night baseball tonight but I cant because my dad is gone... GAY...

now I understand what dane cook was talking about... since Ive done the drive thru.. hes so RIGHT... when you come to the DT you should SPEAK UP!!! but no yelling is nessacary...

anyway... I really hope I can get that dress... if not Im gonna shoot myself in the head... tear...


I should go cuz I have nothing better to do then be on here so Im gonna go find something

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
7:54 pm

Battle Imp

Who&apos;s your battle imp?

Backstabbing: 1

Dodgin': 6

Guts: 8

Magic Mojo: 4

Smackdown: 9


Will your battle imp beat Jen's?
Enter your name and fight.

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
7:31 pm - translators kickass!
Damit ich habe gedacht daß ich einen Zugang in einer verschiedenen Sprache und schreiben würde, der es leichter wäre, zu sagen, was auf meinem Gemüt ist. So mag ich jemanden. und ich mag sie alot. Ich denke nicht, daß er den gleichen Weg um mich fühlt, will ich wirklich ihn zu. Damit ich jenes Mikrophon terry denke, seien Sie reizend, aber ich MAG wirklich tatsächlich diese Person, für den sie sind. Es gibt auch viele andere Dinge. Seiner beäugt, Lächeln, Lachen,. alle davon bauen. Ich will nur es zu klappen. Gina sagt, daß wir zusammen werden werden, aber ich will meine Hoffnungen auf nicht erhalten. Es ist so hart, jemanden, besonders ein Freund zu mögen. Ich möchte mit ihm sprechen und möchte ihm erzählen, daß ich ihn mag, aber ich kann nicht. so ich nicht mache.

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Thursday, March 20th, 2003
3:26 pm - "picked up speed but Im still movin much too slow"
So yeh... today was an awesome day... I didnt know boys could kiss so good... I got more complements from Kyle today, then I ever got from spencer in the whole time Ive known him...

He smells SOO good... he has awesome eyes.. and I love his smile... hes taller than me which is nice... thats always a plus... hes there for the WHOLE day... thats always a good thing too... over all hes nice as hell and hes a hottie and hes all mine... supposedly RYU said that there are like 20 other chicks that like him and I got him so thats awesome!!!!

Im listening to KISS right now... making lasagnia(spelling) but yeh... Im gonna go for a walk with my dog after I play some guitar or somethin but yeh...

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

FUCK ALL YOU ANTI WAR BASTARDS if you dont like the war then you dont like living in America and if you dont like living in America then get the FUCK out!

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Thursday, February 20th, 2003
9:54 pm - YAY
I just talked to Spencer!

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